• We tell compelling stories that engage audiences.
  • We create interactive experiences.
  • We specialize in content that moves - billions.
  • Start-ups need to stand out from the noise. Work with the experts.


is ..


We create interactive experiences, not just websites.


We deliver compelling stories
that engage customers.


We specialize in content
that moves - millions.


We bring your ideas to life,
and life to your customers. 


Start-ups need to stand out from the noise.
Work with the experts. Work with us.


CASTALIDES INTERACTIVE is a fully integrated digital media and content production studio with a passion for technology and storytelling alike and a mastery in the blending of art and technology. This results in an exciting interactive experience for audiences and customers.

The latest technique is nothing without a thorough understanding of how to dramatize a story in a way that moves the audience. We have been in the business of doing just that since 1996. Our list of happy clients includes names like Unilever, RTL, Take2 Interactive, Ink Publishing, Birthday Alarm and many others.


    • We create and produce digital content, integrated experiences, games, interactive entertainment and animations, across all devices and platforms.


    • We leverage technology and creativity to help brands create user journeys with a deep impact to build a strong connection with their customers.


    • We believe that the digital world should be an addition to our everyday lives, not a distraction from it.


    • We are specialized in the emerging, digitally integrated but still story driven world of the future and fuse traditional storytelling with cutting edge technology on all platforms.


    • We love doing things that have not been done before. Our experiments bridge the gap between content and technology and between the narrative and interactive experience.


    • We know that nothing is impossible, and that following rules isn’t always the best solution.


As the distinctions between the real and the fictional, the digital and the virtual continue to blur, CASTALIDES INTERACTIVE has a unique expertise Рtechnically savvy from work in digital content production combined with the solid experience of traditional storytelling. This allows us to reach new markets, discover new revenue streams and stand apart from others.


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Castalides Interactive, the digital media label of Castalides Ltd., is a digital media and content production company, creating content such as video, live action, 2D and 3D animations, interactive entertainment and software applications, viral and growth marketing products, and just about anything that takes advantage of digital technology and drives sales for your business.


Castalides Interactive also acts as strategist, designer, producer, technologist and consultant, and shares a passion for creating great ideas and translating them into engaging, intelligent and innovative user experiences.

Supporting Causes
Each year we donate a percentage of company profits to charitable organizations. Non-profits we are supporting include: survivalinternational.org
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