• We tell compelling stories that engage audiences.
  • We create interactive experiences.
  • We specialize in content that moves - billions.
  • Start-ups need to stand out from the noise. Work with the experts.


is ..


We create interactive experiences, not just websites.


We deliver compelling stories
that engage customers.


We specialize in content
that moves - millions.


We bring your ideas to life,
and life to your customers. 


Start-ups need to stand out from the noise.
Work with the experts. Work with us.


Castalides Interactive Animation Reel

Concept, storyboard, character design, animation, music selection and compositing for hundreds of 2D and 3D animations for various clients between 2001 and 2015

Castalides Interactive Animation Reel / Various clients




Storyboard, character design, animation and encoding for a promotional animation for the Golfsuperskins.com card game by SCS Marketing

Golfsuperskins.com gif animation for SCS marketing / © 2016 Castalides

Golfsuperskins.com animation / Client: SCS Marketing




Storyboard, character design, animation and compositing for a interactive B2B presentation for Unilever CMI

FUSEBOX – Unplugged and Upgraded / Client: Inuous Ltd / Unilever




Concept, creative direction, art direction, editing, and music supervision for a promotional video for trans-media project Vampire Wedding. Art by Eduardo Barreto.



TV Commercial

Concept, script, creative co-direction and visual consultancy for the Association of the Austrian Machinery & Metalware Industries



2D Animations for Birthdayalarm.com

Concept, script, storyboard, layout, character design, animation and delivery of over a hundred animated e-greeting cards for online portal Birthdayalarm.com.


Our cards rank among the most successful e-greeting cards ever created. They brought happiness and emotional well being to tens of millions of people across the world, and helped to establish a strong personal connection between the Birthdayalarm.com brand and its audience.


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Castalides Interactive, the digital media label of Castalides Ltd., is a digital media and content production company, creating content such as video, live action, 2D and 3D animations, interactive entertainment and software applications, viral and growth marketing products, and just about anything that takes advantage of digital technology and drives sales for your business.


Castalides Interactive also acts as strategist, designer, producer, technologist and consultant, and shares a passion for creating great ideas and translating them into engaging, intelligent and innovative user experiences.

Supporting Causes
Each year we donate a percentage of company profits to charitable organizations. Non-profits we are supporting include: survivalinternational.org
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